Service Agreement

There are no bounding contracts to sign, however, a customer who opens an account for a recurring weekly or bi-weekly account agree to a four mow minimum.  You may cancel service at any time once the four mow minimum has been met.  We also offer 1 Time, Welcome, or Temporary lawn maintenance options to accommodate specific needs. Simply contact us for a quote.

* Also read our section in Skipping/Canceling below.


The estimates we provide for lawn maintenance, landscaping or any other services are in Good Faith and are valid within 30 days of being given and subject to change if work conditions change by the time we show up.

* Also read our section in First Mow/Rate Adjustment below.


In order to start a lawn maintenance service we will require a valid credit/debit card to keep on file for automatic drafts every time the service is provided. Credit/Debit card information is handled by one administrator manager and with the highest level of security and our staff will never have access to this information after it has been entered into our merchant account, and NO information is kept on paper.

In case that a credit/debit card is required to schedule an appointment or to set up recurring services, we will attempt a $.01 pre-authorization to assure card's validity.

We welcome all major credit cards over the phone, online, or you can request a form to be faxed/e-mailed.

It is the customer's responsibility to contact our office to update the card’s information if it has expired or changed in order to prevent any late payment fees and interruption of service.

No check payments are accepted for recurring lawn maintenance service.

Unpaid Invoices/Late Payments - Each invoice is notice of intent to file lien if terms are not met, and late payments will incur on a 1.5% interest added per week (lawn maintenance) or month (landscaping) that the payment is not received.  For Declined/Expired Credit cards it is the customer's responsibility to contact us to update the information. NSF Checks $34.00 Fee.

Chargebacks - It is every consumer's righ to file for a chargeback whenever: they have been the victm of fraud, did not received the goods as promised, or there was an unfixed clerical error. However, unscrupulous consumers may abuse the chargeback mechanism at the expense of merchants. Thanks to our honest staff, and satisfaction guaranteed policy, there is virtually no need to request a chargeback ever unless a customer does not want to comply with our simple Service Agreement. In that case, the customer will be charged for all fees incurred to us as a consecuence of the unfair chargeback, and will be billed an hourly fee for the added administration work. The first fee for each unfair chargeback is $20.00.

All work is subject to Texas Sales Tax

* By providing your billing information, you agree to this Service Agreement.


We respect your privacy! Any and all the information provided to us or collected on our website will be kept strictly confidential and will not be sold, reused, rented, disclosed, or loaned. Any information you provide will be held with the utmost care and will not be used in ways that you have not consented to.


We pride ourselves in our comprehensive customer service. Always friendly and willing to work outside-the-box to better serve our customers' needs, and to make things right when we make a mistake!

If we are unable to answer your call, leave a detailed voice message and/or send us an e-mail and we will honor your request at the time that it was left according to this Service Agreement.

* Please be familiar with our deadlines for cancelling/re-scheduling a service described above.

Phone - Monday through Friday, 10 am - 3 pm, @ (936)321-9458 ph/fax
E-Mail - Monday through Friday, 10 am - 6 pm, @

After Hours/Weekends - Having technology as our ally, we will always try our best to get back with you after hours or weekends, especially when we know that emergencies happen!, but it will not be guaranteed. In most of the cases, we will respond on the next business day.

Being an environmentally friendly business, the communication with our customers is through e-mail. We will e-mail:

Statements – Weekly statements on a Friday whether there was activity on the account or not to serve as your receipt. You may also request the Invoices to be e-mailed.

Crew Notices – Whenever the crew reports a specific need at your property, we will send an e-mail informing you for your approval and consideration.

Fertilization – We will let you know when it’s time to apply a fertilizer according to the season. You can also see our fertilization program online under our Lawn Care Services category.

Other e-mails you will receive: Important notices, newsletters, and seasonal specials. All this also available to view online.

WHAT'S INCLUDED’s basic mowing service includes:
  • Mowing the lawn with mulching mower (front and back)
  • Edging walks, driveway, and curb
  • Trimming grass around obstacles with a string trimmer
  • Blowing off walks, driveway, and street


We do not rake leaves for free.  If you have large deciduous trees that produce a lot of leaf drop in the winter, and you don’t get it cleaned up, we cannot clean it up for free when we return in the spring for the first lawn mowing.  We will simply run our mowers over the leaves and disperse them to the best of our abilities with our mulching mowers.  Over time, with each mow, the leaves will become less noticeable.  Please don’t expect our crews to do a leaf clean-up for free.  If you would like to have us clean your leaves, we are available at our normal hourly rates ($36/man hour).

Bed clean-up is not included with regular lawn maintenance.  If you would like to have us control the weeds in the beds when we are there to mow the lawn, you may be interested in our bed weed control service (usually $5/visit for weekly customers and $10 for bi-weekly).

We do not bag clippings for our customers with regular lawn maintenance, but if the grass is clumping in the lawn when we mow, we will disperse those clippings with our mulching mowers.  When we’re done, you won’t be able to tell the clippings weren’t bagged.  The lawn will look clean.


Usually, we are able to mow the lawn the first time for the normal price.  However, if we show up for the very first lawn mowing and the lawn is too overgrown to mow in the normal amount of time, we will have to charge by the hour for the first lawn mowing ($36/man hour).  After that, each lawn mowing will be the normal price as long as you stay on our service.

Rate Adjustments after First Mow

When we quote a price for lawn mowing, it’s based on the lot's square footage and assumes a fairly open, flat lawn.  The price we quote over the phone is the right price 95% of the time. Having less lawn does not necessarily mean less work for the crew.

* Also read our section in Pools below.

Price Increase -   If we show up and you’ve got obstacles everywhere, or if your lawn has a steep hill or a lot of retaining walls that create more work, our crew will mow your lawn on the first trip at the quoted price (provided it's not over grown).  We will then contact you and let you know of the price increase.  If you agree, we’ll continue service.  If you disagree, we’ll waive our four mow minimum and take you off the schedule.

Price Decrease - Integrity is very important to us; and yes, we will offer a lower rate if after the first visit the crew finds that on a recurring basis, there will be considerably less labor than expected based on lot size (no back yard area, large patio, or a dead lawn.)our crew will mow your lawn on the first trip at the quoted price (provided it's not over grown)  After the first service, we would contact you and let you know of the price decrease. If you agree, we'll continue service. If you disagree, we'll waive our four mow minimum and take you off the schedule.


Pools create extra work for our crews.  Even though there is less grass to mow, pools take more time because there is more to edge and trim.  We also have to be careful to avoid getting too many clippings in the pool.  It’s impossible to service a pool account and not get any clippings in the pool, but we do work hard to minimize the mess.  If you install a pool, we won’t raise your mowing price, but we won’t lower it either.


Only the person in which the account was opened can cancel/hold or make changes to the account by phone, letter or e-mail. Let us know by writing (letter or e-mail) ahead of time if there is someone else authorized to make changes and decisions on the account.

Once the crew is "On-Route" no changes can be made or guaranteed. Any requests received via phone, voice mail or e-mail no later than 3 pm on the day before to your next scheduled service will be honored. Due to the nature of our business and limited communication with the crew while On Route, any requests received after that time frame can not be guaranteed to be honored and we will assume your business.

Skipping a service: Sometimes customers call us to skip mows so they can save money when the lawn isn't growing very fast.  If you call to skip a scheduled mow, your next cut will be the bi-weekly rate, which is $5 extra.  The premium for bi-weekly clients is $7 extra on the next mow.  If you want to skip a mow, we need to be notified by 3:00 pm the day before.

Canceling service:  There are no bounding contracts to sign, however, weekly and bi-weekly mowing customers agree to a four mow minimum.  You may cancel service at any time once the four mow minimum has been met.  If you cancel service before the 4 mow minimum has been met, we will charge the one time rate for all the mows you have already taken, which is $10 extra per mow.  We automatically assume your business unless you contact us to cancel mowing service no later than 3 pm the day before the crew is On-Route to service the property.

RAIN DAYS - Please be aware of this policy, as we are not able to send a notice every time the schedule needs to be changed due to the rain. If there is an inconvenience for you, please let us know ahead of time so that we may be able to honor your request.

To stay on schedule, we do mow in light rain.  In the case of heavy rain, we won't want to damage your lawn, in which case, we will be forced to push the schedule forward, or use Saturday to catch up.  If rain is forecasted on your usual service day, we may mow your property earlier in the week to make sure your property is serviced and to keep you on schedule.  If it does rain and you think your lawn is too wet to be serviced, let us know and it will be skipped until the next week.  We do not recommend skipping a week in the middle of the growing season.


Locked gates are fine, but we must have the combination before the service date.  If the back yard is inaccessible due to not having the combination we cannot service it, but still have to charge the full rate.  We are extremely mindful of keeping gates closed, re-locking gates, and keeping pets in.

Pet Waste - Pet waste should be cleaned up on a regular basis from a sanitary standpoint. Dead spots will occur from either excessive urine or fecal matter. As a courtesy to our crew and other customers, we kindly ask that the lawn be cleaned from pet waste before we show up to work on your property, in this way avoiding the contamination of shoes, equipment, and truck(s). If the crew shows up but is unable to work due to pet circumstances (pet waste/ pet aggressiveness) the full rate will still have to be charged without any credits or refunds.

* accepts no responsibility for pets.


During Winter season, your regular lawn maintenance service will also include weed control and the removal of leaves from the flower beds at no additional cost.  Service will be suspended for Holiday Season on December 16th, 2011 and will resume automatically on January, 2012. Any services requested between those weeks will be provided at a rate of $45.00 per man hour, with a two hour minimum.

Click here to see our Calendar 2011.


If you feel that our work is not satisfactory, or you think that we did not show up.  Simply call or e-mail a short and courteous request and we will send our crew back to re-mow your lawn at no additional charge.  Your request must be submitted within 24 hours of your designated mow day, otherwise, we will consider the services provided on that trip satisfactory.  Any issues brought to our attention outside the 24 hour window will be addressed on the next designated mow day.

*Credits are not available.

Thank you for choosing,
your lawn and pool landscape professionals.