Seasonal Landscaping

As the weather changes and the seasons come and go, you may be wondering what you can do to keep your lawn and landscaping looking its best and remaining the envy of your neighbors. This guide aims to provide all the tips and advice you need to keep your garden in tip-top condition come rain or shine.

In March and Spring you may want to…

Sod - Grass Installation - Sodding can be done any time of the year as long as the ground is not frozen. You'll need to prepare the soil ahead of time and water the sod regularly to keep the roots from drying out. Heavy activity should be avoided on sod, but as it grows it will need to be mowed.

Mulch Renewal - It is a good time to renew your mulch because the leaves have already fallen and will not cover up your fresh mulch.

Prune - By pruning low hanging limbs an average of twenty feet off the ground you give the grass some fresh air and sunlight (low hanging limbs create stagnant air, stagnant air equals dead grass). Some ornamentals should also be pruned during this period.

Pre-Emergence w/Fertilizer - The most important maintenance service you can perform on your lawn during the winter, is to apply pre-emergence w/fertilizer to your lawn the last week of March.

Pressure wash - The best way to make your house, driveway, and walkways look newer and cleaner without spending a lot of money.

Roof and gutter clean-up - Over time buildup will clog your gutter system and make them susceptible to water and moisture build up which will damage the gutters and make them inoperable. Gutters are one of the major defenses against moisture problems, so make sure to keep them working properly.

Window cleaning – When our windows are dirty, they can really detract from the overall look of our homes. Let in the light! And provide yourself with beautiful views of the outside world.

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