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The installation of Drains - French Drains  is ideal for specific situations such as diverting rainwater from house foundations and driveways and to reduce standing water in yards that tend to get and stay soggy. Lawn and Pool offers expert French Drain & Drains installation services in The Woodlands, Houston, Spring and Conroe TX .

In simple terms, a French Drain is a series of ditches lined with rocks or gravel that is used to draw water away from an area. It is used to protect the foundation of a house from ground and surface water that does not drain properly on its own. Using the forces of gravity, French Drains are installed down from the area to be drained to an area that can support the redirected water.

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In The Woodlands, Houston, Magnolia, Spring and Conroe Texas, the flat terrain creates the need for Drains - French Drains for many properties. Flooding often occurs when the top layer of soil, which contains air, becomes saturated with water. If the area is flat with nowhere to flow, it will stay in one spot for a long time until it can eventually drain. A French Drain allows the water and soil to move easily through the gravel and away from the problem area.

If drainage problems are a concern for you, call Lawn and Pool ! Our team of Drain & French Drain licensed contractor experts will access your needs and offer the best, most cost-effective solution to fix your yard drainage problems.

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