Make Ready Services

REALTORS Make-Ready Packages:

Lawn and Pool works close with Realtors in The Woodlands, TX and Realtors in Spring, TX

Performing different kind of cleaning services to help them in a professional way, make ready their new listings. all this before the picture session and marketing the properties.

Everybody knows, a successful and faster listing sale-lease depends so much in the external and internal aesthetics of the property. 

Keep this in Mind: Buyers really pay attention to an inviting landscape and how the external structure (Walls, Patio and Roof) of the property looks.


Our Packages Includes:

  • Pressure washing the property structure, driveways and walkways
  • Performing outside Window Cleaning
  • Blowing Roofs, and performing at the same time Gutter Cleaning  
  • Weed-eating all around the property, re-defining flower beds
  • Trimming-Pruning Shrubs, bushes and trees around the property
  • Planting Seasonal flowers and plants
  • Mulching the flowerbeds of the property $50 Per yard Installed
  • Sometimes adding professional landscape accents: Like moss rock or bull rock (river rock) details etc.

Package A:

Lawn Service+Flower Beds re-defining+Weedeating+Trimming Shrubs+Mulching

Package B:

Package A+Blowing Roof+Gutter Cleanning



Package C:

Package A+B+House Pressure Washing+Exterior Window Cleaning


Package D:

Package A+B+C+Pressure Washing DriveWay & Walkway



Package E:

Package A+B+C+D+Planting Seassonal Flowers in Strategical Places in Front Beds