Q. When will my lawn be done?

-- Weekly accounts are serviced between Wed-Friday. Weekends are reserved for landscaping work. Generally if there are no rainouts, your lawn will be serviced around the same time week after week.

Wednesday Spring 77386 Spring Trails, Fox Run, Legends Run, Legends Ranch, Oak Ridge, Imperial oaks, etc
Wednesday/Thursday Conroe 77385 Glen Eagles, Chateau Woods, Harper's Landing, etc.
Thursday Conroe, Shenandoah 77304, 77302, 77301, 77384

S. Forest, A. Forest, Woodloch, Rivershire, Northway, etc.

Thursday/Friday The Woodlands, Magnolia, Spring 77353, 77354, 77355, 77382, 77381, 77380, 77389 Sterling Ridge, Alden Bridge, Cochran's Crossing, Grogan's Mill, etc.

--E/O week accounts are generally done on Mon-Tues despite of zip code, however may be thrown in the end of the weeks schedule with the weekly accounts if it will help us be more efficient.

Q. Do you guys bag clippings?

--No, we mulch all clippings so that they are utilized to feed the lawn. Studies show that mulched clippings are a natural nitrogen source, so much that one could skip one fertilization application per year. The benefits of mulching include making your lawn more resistant to weeds, insects, and disease; it also makes your lawn more tolerant to drought. It will not only save you on your water bill, but will help to save the environment by less waste in our landfills.

We charge $36/man hour for all manual labor services (except gutter cleaning which is $46/man hour)… We can schedule it now, OR If you’d like an estimate, the crew chief that services your area will get it for you on your next visit. We do it this way to cut down on waste and costs so that we can keep our prices lower for our customers.

Q. Why do you charge sales tax / our last guy didn’t charge sales tax?

We are a legitimate company that pays all of its taxes (sales and income), AND we are insured for your protection. Charging tax is the law.

The link to the state website is: http://www.window.state.tx.us/taxinfo/taxpubs/tx94_112.html if you’d like to check it out.